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About Us

The first wealth is health
The first wealth is health - R.W.Emerson
No Weight loss nor gain, it's only about healthy living
Caveman cafe is exclusively associated with sourcing nutritious food (Paleo and organic) at your doorsteps. It realized that eating like a caveman would help us for better and healthy living, and our body is also genetically programmed for those eating habits. Obviously, the western diets that are followed in recent years result in various health issues. Also, it leads to the negative effects like obesity, cardiac disorders or heart diseases and other chronic issues.
The key tenets of Caveman Cafe is proper diet by avoiding sporadic eating and increasing the consumption of energy rich foods that help us to prevent ourselves from the disorders and risks. There is a saying that "Eating like a hunter-gatherer" as followed in ancient times would lead us for a healthy life. Accordingly, the food items emphasized by Caveman Cafe are hunter-gatherer foods like nuts, seeds and many others that are rich in nutrients, dietary fiber, free of calories, no processed or preservative ingredients.
One of the great barriers for staying fit is obtaining high quality foods, Caveman cafe break the barriers by making it available at your doorsteps in affordable price.
The food items of Caveman Cafe have rich sources of vitamins, proteins and minerals. It also helps in detoxing your system, increases your energy levels and also to lose weight. Our high quality & organic foods, promotes healthy eating style and helps to escape from the condition of health complications. You could evidence a long-term effect of fitness.
We facilitate to transform from inactive or sedentary eating style to optimize eating that fuel up your fitness.
One Mantra for fitness is that Gain your fitness in Gym, Lose your weight in kitchen
When you think of proper diet, fitness